Common Misconceptions About Strippers

If you are ready to go to a strip club, it is important that you first learn some of the many misconceptions that people have about strippers. You don’t want to go to the club with these wrong ideas in your head and deplete the fun that awaits strip club visitors. So many misconceptions are out there, it is pretty hard to fathom. Here are some of the most common misconceptions people share about strippers.

Thousands of Dollars Per Night

This is not an outright lie because strippers do make great money. On the best night, it is possible to walk out of the Houston strip clubs with a thousand or more in hand. However, you shouldn’t assume they are living lavish lifestyles that this money is atypical because it certainly is not.

Strippers are Prostitutes

There may be a few bad apples out there but for the most part, strippers are honest, hardworking ladies who need to earn a living. Don’t think that you can go into a club and pay a stripper for sex. Not only is this illegal it may get you in hot water with the bouncers and the club establishment.

Stripers are Dumb

So many people think that strippers are dumb, lack education, and otherwise have no common sense. You might be surprised to learn that strippers are usually in college and paying for their education or people who’ve already earned their education and simply have fallen upon hard times and want to make ends meet.

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Strippers are on Drugs and Alcohol

This is yet another common misconception that people sometimes believe about strippers. There are always bad apples as we mentioned, however, most strippers are not drug addicts or alcoholics who work to pay for their next hit or the next drink. This is simply not true. Sure, everyone has a drink now and again but that is simply enjoying life.

Prostitutes Suffer From Daddy Issues

It is a common term that people use to describe women they see as suffering from being raised without a gather in their life. Or, it could be used to indicate a woman who’s suffered from sexual abuse. But don’t believe everything that you hear because this is yet another misconception!

Strippers Have No Standards

Strippers are human beings just like everyone else and believe it or not, they do have standards they live by. Respect the women in the strip club when you head out to the establishment.

Stripping is the Only Option

Strippers usually work at the job because they love to dance and entertain and of course, love to bank the funds they earn as a stripper, not because it is the only place they can find employment.

How many of these misconceptions have you heard in the past? Now that you know the truth of the matter it is time to gear up for a wonderful night at the strip club. Don’t wait any longer to let the fun begin.