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COMPILED BY Alan Trussell page4Click to download.Vol 1 A-C

(Above is the first of 4 volumes, Vol 1 A - C, Vol 2 D - K, Vol 3 L - R, Vol 4 S - Z)

Click to download. Vol 2 D - K

NEWClick to download. Vol3 L - R


Autogen for VFR Photographic Scenery


The Autogen will work in Horizon VFR Generation X Photographic Scenery in FSX

(the Motorway Lighting is not compatible with FSX)

To use the Autogen in FSX when using the Horizon GenX scenery, download the AGN2GENX AGN placement tool kindly supplied by George Davison Download AGN2GENX


The Midlands

Aston Down, Bicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Enstone, Gloucestershire, Hinton in the Hedges, Kemble, Kidlington, Oaksey, Shoteswell, Turweston, Upper Heyford.. Vol2-2

Cheltenham, Gloucester and surrounding areas. Update (install Vol2-2 above first) C and

Cheltenham, Gloucester and surrounding areas. 2nd Update

Cheltenham, Gloucester and surrounding areas. 3rd Update

Note - Coventry autogen trees made with the co-operation of Neil Cooke

Wolverhampton area autogen

Wellesbourne Mountford

Duxford Airfield Autogen + additional scenery to further enhance the uk2000 version from Gary Summons. This Autogen scenery by Richard Tranfield duxford


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Welshpool.. Vol2-1 and Vol3-1

Caernarfon area autogen

Valley AB area autogen

Mona AB area autogen

Haverfordwest area autogen

Aberporth area autogen

Hawarden area autogen

Pembrey area autogen

The South West

Nympsfield area autogen -see FS2004 Scenery page for download

Boscombe Down, Old Sarum Vol2-3

Little Rissington area autogen

Colerne area autogen Colerne

Badminton area autogen

Fairford area autogen

Plymouth area autogen trees and static ships

Cornwall area autogen cornwall p1

Cornwall area autogen cornwall p2

Cornwall area autogen cornwall p3

Cornwall area autogen UPDATE

Chivenor autogen - following the coast to Clevedon Part 1 chivcle

East Devon area autogen East by Charles Dodman

South Devon area autogen South Devon by Charles Dodman


Woodvale area autogen

Tyne & Wear area autogen by Steve McCann

Folkingham autogen folkingham by Rod Brown

Tees Valley autogen Tees Valley by Dave Lidgley

Tees Valley autogen update Tees Valley by Dave Lidgley

Tees valley autogen (Pt2) This area continues south to a line between RAF Dishforth and Sutton bank (Yorkshire gliding club). North Yorkshire by Dave Lidgley

North Yorkshire Moors Autogen Pt1 by Dave Lidgley

North Yorkshire Moors Pt2 Autogen by Dave Lidgley

London and area

The London area autogen scenery is on the London autogen page and includes revised installation instructions and updated autogen

Motorway Lighting

Motorway lights

Download Motorway Lighting


Autogen for rogue tile between Ross-on-Wye, Micheldean and Huntley rogue

Note for users of the UK2000 scenery in FS2004 - See new xml trees project tutorial on autogen tree placement. More information - press here

FS Scenery - available links...

........ Bones Flight Simulation

........ Andrew Francis

........ Chris Earnshaws's site

........ Derbosoft

........ JUD6ES Hangout

........ FS 2004 Files check if they are VFR compatible

........ FSX Files check if they are VFR compatible